A Thing Done

April 7th 2014: A Thing Done wins the 2013 Sharp Writ Award for best general fiction.

What Reviewers say:

“I’ve read a lot of historical novels over the last few years but I have to say that hands down, this one is at the top of my list. … I had a hard time putting [this] book down. If you’re looking for historical fiction that is different, provides a new perspective and a much needed change of venue – this is your book. Tinney does a wonderful job of demonstrating how minor, insiginificant acts can have far reaching consequences while weaving a great tale grounded in historical events. This is a must read.” Sandra Alvarez at medievalists.net

“The story of the origins of the infamous centuries-old antagonism between the Guelf and Ghibelline factions of Florence has been told over the years, but the details have never seemed so interesting.  Tinney Sue Heath has taken the outlines of that conflict and turned them into a full-fledged and fascinating story of thirteenth-century Florence…Heath also does a gorgeous job of describing both the people and the scenery in her tale.  Under her pen, Florence comes alive in all its squalor and glory…I can’t recommend this book enough.”  Cas O’Connor, Renaissance Magazine, Issue #95

“I absolutely inhaled this book…from the first page, I was hooked. The narrative voice is wonderful, perfectly suited to a wry performer like the Fool, and more than once I laughed out loud. …[the] world of warring families and vendettas was wonderfully rendered. … Highly enjoyable, a wonderful read!” Julie Rose, author of Oleanna and The Pilgrim Glass

“I was so pleased to read Tinney Sue Heath’s medieval tale, A Thing Done! … A Thing Done is so well-detailed without being overly so, historically accurate and yet imaginatively inventive, socially thought-provoking, thrilling and humorous! It’s a well-done novel that deserves accolades as well as readers who will appreciate its delightfully fun adventure and endearing characters.” Erin Al-Mehairi at her blog, Oh for the hook of a book

“A Thing Done is an atmospheric tale of 13th century Florence with all of the intrigue and subterfuge the setting infers…. Heath’s fluid writing style keeps the book moving at an enjoyable pace, allowing the story to unfold in its own time and achieving a delicate balance that never seems to lag or feel rushed. … I was sad for it to come to an end. I highly recommend this book to lovers of historical fiction in an uncommon setting who crave an exciting and memorable read.” Ginger Myrick, author of The Welsh Healer, El ReyWork of Art and others.

“… she brings this history alive…these characters will live on for you after reading this book. The detail of the history is vivid and the story compelling.” Monette L. Bebow Reinhard author of Felling the Sons and Mystic Fire

“I’ve just completed my read of A Thing Done and have closed it with a sigh of satisfaction.  Corrado is the most engaging protagonist I have read for some time.”  Prue Batten, author of Gisborne:  Book of Pawns and The Chronicles of Eirie series

“Rarely have I read a book where the historical setting is so well portrayed,…..All in all, A Thing Done is a delicious dive into the past. Ms Heath’s writing allows us to taste, smell, even touch that distant age, to feel we are walking side by side with Corrado through the alleys of Florence. It is with some regret that I close the book once I’m done, but I hope Ms Heath is already working diligently on a next book – I for one will definitely buy it!” Anna Belfrage, author of A Rip in the Veil, Like Chaff in the Wind, and The Prodigal Son

“All the characters… come across as real people and are three-dimensional. Highly recommended…” Kim Rendfeld, author of The Cross and the Dragon

“This novel set in the 13th century shines a bright light on rival families in medieval Florence, Italy…..Heath Imbues Corrado with a sense of humor in a story rich in detail – food, music, and clothing – as she narrates the consequences of what should have been a harmless prank.”  Historical Novels Review

“Heath has vividly captured the insidious effects on society when one class of people feels justified in unlimited use of their influence, power and money. While the content is distinctly Florentine and this is definitely a historical fiction lover’s novel, the theme strikes me as entirely applicable to contemporary America. You’ll enjoy the exciting plot twists and well-developed characters while at the same time having plenty to think about.” Judith Starkston at her blog

“…an excellent transformation of the bare bones of a story in the chronicles into a lively novel.” Warren Public Library blog, Warren, Vermont

A Thing Done is a novel rich in historical detail … a novel of love, friendship, and loyalty…” Darlene at Peeking Between the Pages

A Thing Done gets thumbs up for a compelling, empathetic main character and a good story that gets pretty intense at its climax…” Jenny Q at Let Them Read Books

“I found myself unable to put the book down for very long stretches because I just had to find out what would happen next. … I would highly recommend this book to anyone, but especially anyone who enjoys historical fiction. It has been a while since I learned so much while being entertained.” A Book Geek

“Highly recommended for those who love historical fiction that reaches out of the ordinary. … It will elevate and illuminate you.” Deborah at A Bookish Libraria

About the book:
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Florence, 1216:  The noble families of Florence hold great power, but they do not share it easily.  Tensions simmer just below the surface.  When Corrado the Jester’s prank-for-hire goes wrong, a brawl erupts between two rival factions.  Florence reels on the brink of civil war.  One side makes the traditional offer of a marriage to restore peace, but that fragile peace crumbles under the pressure of a woman’s interference, an unforgivable insult, and an outraged cry for revenge.

Corrado is pressed into unwilling service as messenger by both sides.  Sworn to secrecy, he watches in horror as the headstrong knight Buondelmonte violates every code of honor to possess the woman he wants, while another woman, rejected and enraged, schemes to destroy him.

Corrado already knows too much for his own safety.  Will Buondelmonte’s reckless act set off a full-scale vendetta?  And if it does, will even the Jester’s famous wit and ingenuity be enough to keep himself alive and protect those dear to him?

This is Corrado’s story, but it is also the story of three fiercely determined women in a society that allows them little initiative:  Selvaggia, the spurned bride; Gualdrada, the noblewoman who both tempts Buondelmonte and goads him; and Ghisola, Corrado’s great-hearted friend.  From behind the scenes they will do what they must to achieve their goals—to avenge, to prevail, to survive.

Published by Fireship Press. Available in ebook or paperback format from Amazon, USA, Amazon, UK, or Barnes and Noble. Available in ebook format from Sony. Also available in paperback from WHSmith, UK, or may be ordered through local bookstores. Coming soon from other vendors.

If you would like to know more, here are some excerpts. Excerpt 1. Excerpt 2. Excerpt 3. Excerpt 4. Also, take a look at the first three chapters on Amazon USA.

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